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Saturday, 1 August 2015

Cupid’s Birth by Rupert Charles Wulsten Bunny

At Cupid’s birth, Joy left the bounds of space,
And, heeding not the stars, flew fast to earth,
To hold the hearts of men in warm embrace,
At Cupid’s birth.

Then Life, with beaming eyes and quickened pace,
And new-found god-like strength, first knew her worth;
While Fate began the future to retrace.

But Death stood gently by with quiet grace,
Aloof from all the tumult and mad mirth,
A sweet, sad smile lit up his steadfast face
At Cupid’s birth.

From: Warren, Ina Russelle (ed.), In Cupid’s Court, 1900, R. H. Russell: New York, p. 6.

Date: 1896

By. Rupert Charles Wulsten Bunny (1864-1947)