Cleonell’s Last Melancholy Song by William Kelligrew

Cloris we see the offended Gods,
At first do shew, and shake their Rodds,
That they may rather threat, then strike,
So we forgoe, what they dislike:
These faulty streams, shall flow no more
Above their banks as heretofore;
Nor swelling tempest from my breast,
Hence forth thy Virgin cares molest;
All shall be fashion’d to thy will,
So thou wilt let me Love thee still;
My Lips shall not a word let go,
That may offend to tell thee so;
But to dissemble, or deny
That I do Love thee were a lye
Would stain my soul, ’twill prove a spot,
To look as if I Lov’d thee not.

From: Kelligrew, Sir William, Three Playes Written by Sir William Kelligrew, Vice-Chamberlain to Her Majesty the Queen Consort, 1664, vis. [brace] Selindra, Pandora, Ormasdes, 2003, University of Michigan: Ann Arbor, Michigan, pp. 24-25.

Date: 1664

By: William Kelligrew (1609-1695)

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