Mutual Love by William Hammond

From our Loves, heat and light are taught to twine,
In their bright nuptial bed of solar beams;
From our Loves, Thame and Isis learn to join,
Losing themselves in one another’s streams.
And if Fate smile, the fire Love’s emblem bears,
If not, the water represents our tears.

From our Loves all magnetic virtue grows,
Steel to th’ obdurate loadstone is inclin’d.
From our Loves all the power of chymists flows,
Earth by the Sun is into gold refin’d.
And if Fate smile, this shall Love’s arrows head,
If not, in those is our hard fortune read.

From our still springing Loves the youthful Bays
Is in a robe of lasting verdure drest,
From our firm Loves the Cypress learns to raise,
Green in despight of storms, her deathless crest.
And if Fate smile, with that our temples bound,
If not, with this our hearses shall be crown’d.


Date: 1655

By: William Hammond (1614-16??)


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