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Thursday, 9 July 2015

Oh, Bend Your Eyes, Nor Send Your Glance About by Stella Benson

Oh, bend your eyes, nor send your glance about.
Oh, watch your feet, nor stray beyond the kerb.
Oh, bind your heart lest it find secrets out.
For thus no punishment
Of magic shall disturb
Your very great content.

Oh, shut your lips to words that are forbidden.
Oh, throw away your sword, nor think to fight.
Seek not the best, the best is better hidden.
Thus need you have no fear,
No terrible delight
Shall cross your path, my dear.

Call no man foe, but never love a stranger.
Build up no plan, nor any star pursue.
Go forth with crowds; in loneliness is danger.
Thus nothing Fate can send,
And nothing Fate can do
Shall pierce your peace, my friend.

From: Benson, Stella, This is the End, 2004, 1st World Library: Fairfield, Iowa, pp. 45-46.

Date: 1917

By: Stella Benson (1892-1933)