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Monday, 29 June 2015

The Resemblance by Edward Sherburne

Marble (coy Celia!) ‘gainst my pray’rs thou art,
And at thy frown to marble I convert.
Love thought it fit, and nature, thus
To manifest their several pow’rs in us.
Love made me marble, nature thee,
To express constancy and cruelty.
Now both of us shall monuments remain;
I of firm faith, thou of disdain.

From: Sherburne, Edward and Fleming, S (ed.), Miscellaneous Poems, Chiefly Amatory, Serious and Devout; with Several Translations from Ancient and Modern Authors, by Sir Edward Sherburne, of Stonyhurst, Knt. Reprinted from the Edition of 1651. With a Biographical Account of the Author, and Observations on his Works, 1819, R. Priestley: London, pp. 18-19.

Date: 1651

By: Edward Sherburne (1618-1702)