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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Rapunzel by Diane Mary Brotheridge Fahey

Far below her, the lake:
beyond depth at its centre.

At dawn, her stone-framed face;
hair spread out in darkness.

Gold fumes above the misted pines,
scrolls over the lake, finds her.

All morning, bronze enters her hair,
her cheeks grow amaryllis apples;

the forest’s shadow is a meniscus
round that great brimming tear.

As she steps from noon’s glare,
a keyplate of light slides down her

from brow to belly.
Now, dusk’s glittering shroud…

Pines fill the lake, their darknesses
masked by green crystal.

She sits weaving her strength
into a braid, thinking:

Whatever has happened, or will happen,
the lake is there, and the tower

dwells in me, and I within it:
a key hidden inside a lock.

She watches the wind’s fingers
trawl a nap on silver velvet,

unsettle then recompose
the snow-blue spruces.


Date: 1995

By: Diane Mary Brotheridge Fahey (1945- )