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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Another Song Exciting to Spirituall Mirth by An Collins

The Winter being over
In order comes the Spring,
Which doth green Hearbs discover
And cause the Birds to sing;
The Night also expired,
Then comes the Morning bright.
Which is so much desired
By all that love the Light;
This may learn
Them that mourn
To put their Griefe to flight.
The Spring succeedeth Winter,
And Day must follow Night.

He therefore that sustaineth
Affliction or Distresse,
Which ev’ry member paineth,
And findeth no relesse;
Let such therefore despaire not,
But on firm Hope depend
Whose Griefes immortall are not,
And therefore must have end:
They that faint
With complaint
Therefore are too blame,
They ad to their afflictions,
And amplify the same.

For if they could with patience
A while posesse the minde,
By inward Consolacions
They might refreshing find,
To sweeten all their Crosses
That little time they ‘dure;
So might they gain by losses,
And sharp would sweet procure;
But if the minde
Be inclined
To Unquietnesse
That only may be called
The worst of all Distresse.

He that is melancolly
Detesting all Delight,
His Wits by sottish Folly
Are ruinated quite;
Sad Discontent and Murmors
To him are incident,
Were he posest of Honors,
He could not be content:
Sparks of joy
Fly away,
Floods of Cares arise,
And all delightfull Mocions
In the conception dies.

But those that are contented
However things doe fall,
Much Anguish is prevented,
And they soon freed from all;
They finish all their Labours
With much felicity,
Theyr joy in Troubles savours
Of perfect Piety,
Doth expresse
A setled pious minde
Which is not prone to grudging
From murmoring refinde.

Lascivious joy I prayse not,
Neither do it allow,
For where the same decayes not
No branch of peace can grow;
For why, it is sinister
As is excessive Griefe,
And doth the Heart sequester
From all good: to be briefe,
Vain Delight
Passeth quite
The bounds of modesty,
And makes one apt to nothing
But sensuality.

From: Collins, An and Gottlieb, Sidney (ed.), Divine Songs and Meditacions, 1996, Medieval & Renaissance Texts & Studies: Tempe, Arizona, pp. 49-51.

Date: 1653

By: An Collins (fl. 1653)