Inez to Manuel by Emmeline Charlotte Elizabeth Manners Stuart-Wortley

Hast thou not heard my Heart? Oh! can it be
That all the love, so mighty and so true,
That throbs and thrills this soul of passion thro’,
Is yet unknown, undreamed, unguessed by thee? —
Hast thou not seen that soul? but answer me;
Hast thou not heard that heart? why, every hue
Upon my cheeks, in letters ever new,
Letters of fire pronounced their feelings free! —
Knew’st thou, thou wert beloved, thou wert adored,
As thou must ever be — as now thou art? —
Have I unpitied, languished and deplored —
Unfelt for, borne my hard and heavy part? —
Oh! needed there the weakness of a word
To make thee sound that Soul, and hear that Heart?


From: Stuart Wortley, Lady Emmeline, Sonnets, Written Chiefly Through a Tour Through Holland, Germany, Italy, Turkey, and Hungary, 1839, Joseph Rickerby: London, p. 71.

Date: 1839

By: Emmeline Charlotte Elizabeth Manners Stuart-Wortley (1806-1855)


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