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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

After the United States, the United States by Laura Kilbride

(for Ian Heames)

official subjects of the deepest rolling
news that stays
on the surface, the reception
noisily catches

like oil, the news decays

— the bodies were burnt —

after they frayed
particles blown by current snatches
match of the day

New research into bone immunity
The physiology of the sign O.K.
An attack on our community

The presses are incendiary


No confirmation

from the marine, a unity
gathers the force of information

No confirmation yet

from the marine
inordinate loss

— Ordinary ratiocination to toss
an artificial flower —

laser fall across my goggles
the punctum indolently
the sea throws again, redolently

our sole enemy
now rollingly shot
changes tack

who in the first
flowering of war attacked;
what is attacked
now fills our hours anew

The water-resistant flower
at the appropriate hour
has dutifully done;
its leaves home-spun

as the keen grass, the barely audible
hum of man, falling from
the fiftieth, tenth, or second floor become
official subjects of the rolling deep.

From: Hamilton, Nathan (ed.), Dear World & Everyone In It: New Poetry in the UK, 2013, Bloodaxe Books: Hexham, Northumberland, pp. 138-140.

Date: 2013

By: Laura Kilbride (19??- )