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Friday, 15 May 2015

Cupid at Court by Samuel Minturn Peck

Young Cupid strung his bow one day;
And sallied out for sport;
As country hearts were easy prey
Odds Darts! he went to court.

Of all that wore the puff and patch,
Belinda led the fair:
With falbala, and fan to match,
I trow she made him stare!

“Oho! ” he cried, and quickly drew
His bow upon the sly;
But though he pierced her bosom through,
She never breathed a sigh!

This was a turn, beyond a doubt,
That filled him with amaze,
And so he sought his mother out,
With tear-bewildered gaze.

“You silly boy,” Dame Venus said,
” Why did you waste your art?
Go clip your curls and hide your head–
Belinda has no heart! ”

From: Peck, Samuel Minturn, Caps and Bells, 1875, Frederick A. Stokes Company: New York and London, pp. 40-41.

Date: 1875

By: Samuel Minturn Peck (1854-1938)