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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Three Sonnets to K.S.: Sonnet I by John Saunders

As one who wanders in a stranger place,
That some pure lovely spirit erst hath haunted,
And pauseth often in his dreamy pace,
By that pervading, mystic spell enchanted,
I tread these alien street – and yet not so,
They were thy home – so alien no more;
I seek in senseless stones some gathered store
Of memories of thee – and oft my eye,
By Fancy cheated, seeth warm and clear
Thy gentle semblance, which, approached too high,
Leaves me to murmur – “No, she is not here.”
Enchantress! loose the ties wherewith thou’st bound me,
Or bind them, oh! much tighter yet around me.

From: Allen, Michael J. (ed.), The Anthem Anthology of Victorian Sonnets, Volume 1, 2011, Anthem Press: London, p. 15.

Date: 1838

By: John Saunders (1810-1895)