A Nosegay by John Reynolds

Say Crimson-Rose and dainty Daffadil,
With Violet blew;
Since you have seen the Beauty of my Saint,
And eke her view:
Did not her sight (fair sight) you lovely fill
With sweet delight
Of Goddesse grace and Angels sacred taint
In fine most bright?

Say, golden Prim-rose, sanguine Couslip faire,
With Pinck most fine;
Since you beheld he Visage of my Dear,
And Eyes divine:
Did not her globy Front, and glistering Hair,
With Cheeks most sweet,
So gloriously like Damask flowers appear,
The gods to greet?

Say, snow white Lily, speckled Gilly-flower,
With Daisie gay;
Since you have viewed the Queen of my desire,
In brave array:
Did not her Ivory Paps, fair Venus Bower,
With heavenly glee
Of Juno’s grace, conjure you to require
Her face to see?

Say Rose, say Daffadil, and Violet blew,
With Primerose faire;
Since you have seen my Nymphs sweet dainty-face,
And gesture rare:
Did not, bright Couslip, bloomy Pinck, her view
White Lily, shine,
Ah Gilly flowers, and Daisie, with a grace!
Like Stars divine?

From: Reynolds, John, The flower of fidelity relating exactly the various adventures of three foraign princes, intermixed with variety of letters and pleasant sonnets, 1654, George Badger: London, pp. 96-97.

Date: 1654

By: John Reynolds (c1588-c1655)


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