Lines by John Lofland

I saw a ship, in beauty to the breeze,
Bend her white sails upon the dark blue seas;
Swift o’er the billows, on the wings of wind,
She disappeared, nor left a track behind;
At morn I saw her, but at set of sun.
Gone was that ship, her trackless race was run:
And thus it is with man, his soul sublime,
In life’s gay morn, upon the tide of time,
Moves on in grandeur; but when night comes on,
He, on eternity’s dark sea, is gone;
He disappears, nor do life’s billows bear
One trace, ’tis as he never had been there.

From: Lofland, John and M’Jilton, J.N. (ed.), The Poetical and Prose Writings of Dr. John Lofland, the Milford Bard, Consisting of Sketches in Poetry and Prose, Moral, Satirical, Sentimental, Sympathetic and Humorous. With a Portrait of the Author and a Sketch of his Life, 1853, John Murphy & Co: Baltimore, p. 200.

Date: 1853 (published)

By: John Lofland (1798-1849)


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