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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

To the truly Noble, and Virtuous Lady, Honoria, Marchionesse of Winchester by John Abbot

In Sermonem Quintum.

Why did God labour when he made the Court
Of Heaven so glorious? wherefore in such sort
Did he adorne it? wherefore take a mold,
Better then this terrestriall we behold,
For the Materiall? furnish it with light,
Of all the scattered Tapers of the night,
And that eternall Torch the Sun? let’s breake
Into Gods Cabinet councell, and then speake
Freely our sense. He meant a house to make,
For th’ Angels and blest Saints, and for their sake,
Mansions prepare with all magnificence,
To please the eye, and pleasure every sense.
And may we not imagine that God aym’d
At the same end? when with such Art he fram’d,
Your beautious selfe, proportion’d limbs, a face
Most amiable, and a peculiar grace,
In all your actions. Did God idely take
Such paines in the composure? No; hee’d make
A curious Palace for a spirit divine,
Which seriously should emulate the Nine
Orders of Angels, and as they doe move,
In the same Orbe of a Seraphick Love.
A sumptuous Court to entertaine a Soule,
That mounting to its Centre, should controule,
Terrene affections: As you firmely stand,
When Apostatick Scenes through the whole Land,
Are dayly acted; and ith’ gloomie night,
Of more then Dacian Tempests shine more bright.
(Though Noahs streames to th’ multitude prov’d graves,
Yet like his Arke, You’re raisde to Heaven by waves.)
And we dare say, not idolizing You,
Nor flattering, but with confidence what’s true,
GOD fram’d your specious Outside, and ordain’d,
A fairer Soule should in’t be entertain’d.
Which guiding for a while, that ordred Sphere,
Should afterwards ascend to Heaven, and there,
Fixt a bright Constellation with your eyes,
Direct our Ladies in their nobler wayes.


Date: 1647

By: John Abbot (c1587-c1650)