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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

The Spectator by Amy Evans

Every night I would wait,
with my elbows embedded in Earth’s carpet,
resting my hot mango cheekbones in my charcoaled palms.
The carpet tingles with breath.
a lone macaw narrates the night
with his rainbow talons
he is the orchestra conductor…
Crickets Dance
Bullfrogs Groan
Leaves Sighhh
The air Humsssssss.
Sunrise baptises the new day,
a bush baby yawns with eyelids of lead.
A caterpillar cocoon clings to a vacant leaf –
to come back as something beautiful.
The air tastes of Steam and Strangles…
like a snake around a thick branch.
The run of water carries the scent of orchids,
and the ribbon of colour ripples through the breeze.
Beetles scuttle between my toes.
A dragonfly shimmers a spectrum of emerald,
he notes his reflection in the white of my eye.
Whispers hover around my spine.
I am in front of a two sided mirror
And it’s looking back.


Date: 2012

By: Amy Evans (19??- )