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Monday, 2 March 2015

Barcarolle by Juliana Mary Louisa (May) Probyn

Last night we sailed, my love and I,
Last night and years ago —
Was it moon or sea, we drifted through?
I think I shall never know!
We had no oar —
We neared no shore —
We floated with the tide;
The moon was white,
And the sea alight.
And none in the world beside.

I and my love, we said farewell —
It is years and years away.
We kissed our last in a life gone by —
I think it was yesterday!
Oh! for heaven, give me
A moon and a sea
To sail, when we both have died,
With never an oar —
With never a shore —
Drifting on with the tide!

From: Probyn, May, A Ballad of the Road and Other Poems, 1883, W. Satchell and Co: London, p. 85.

Date: 1883

By: Juliana Mary Louisa (May) Probyn (1856-1909)