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Thursday, 12 February 2015

The Common Grave by Sydney Thompson Dobell

Last night beneath the foreign stars I stood
And saw the thoughts of those at home go by
To the great grave upon the hill of blood.
Upon the darkness they went visibly,
Each in the vesture of its own distress.
Among them there came One, frail as a sigh,
And like a creature of the wilderness
Due with her bleeding hands. She neither cried
Nor wept: nor did she see the many stark
And dead that lay unburied at her side.
All night she toiled, and at that time of dawn,
When Day and Night do change their More or Less,
And Day is More, I saw the melting Dark
Stir to the last, and knew she laboured on.

From: Dobell, Sydney, The Poems of Sydney Dobell: Selected, with an Introductory Memoir by Mrs. Dobell, 1887, Walter Scott, Limited: London, p. 63.

Date: 1855

By: Sydney Thompson Dobell (1824-1874)