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Monday, 12 January 2015

To Mr. Butt by Samuel Ferguson

Isaac, the generous heart conceives no ill
From frank repulse. The marriage-suit denied
Turns love to hatred only where ’tis Pride,
Not true Love, woos: Love holds her lovely still,
Let sharp Remembrance bring what stings it will;
And when he sees her children by her side,
For her, for them, for him with them allied,
Blessings and prayers the manly breast will fill.
Lovely she stands, though she has said thee nay,
And sad expectance clothes her brow in gloom,
While guardians tyrannous withhold her dower;
Now shows the soul’d magnanimous assay,
And when her day in that High Court shall come,
Plead in your old love’s cause with double power.

From: Ferguson, Samuel, Poems of Sir Samuel Ferguson with an Introduction by Alfred Perceval Graves, M.A., 1918, Phoenix Publishing Company Ltd: Dublin, p. 104.

Date: 1876

By: Samuel Ferguson (1810-1886)