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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Consolation by Beatrice Cregan

O in a dream last night, in a dream you came,
Those arms about me, and that lovely look,
Radiant through tears! and as of old for me
Passionate love and understanding there,
With something higher, loyal and large and free.

There was sorrow in my dream, and, when you came,
The unutterable longing to be at rest,
To be at rest with you! Then the sweet pang,
When as of old remorseful love leaped up
To shield and save you, darling, from my pain.

O, inspiration of unselfish love!
Come to me still. I was only good for you.
I am nothing alone. But I can live while life
Still holds the consolation of a dream.


Date: 1916

By: Beatrice Cregan (fl. 1893-1939)