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Monday, 5 January 2015

Girl With Her Pigtails Crooked by Robert Bagg

Her left leg lagged behind her right,
A firm step followed by a limp.
Her pigtails haggled down her neck
Like lines of far-fetched hemp.

I watched the shameless way she lamed,
She needn’t limp so lumpily,
I thought, so I called down to her,
“Hey, you don’t need to limp!”

She let her hair have its head —
It went its separate ways—like rope
Let out to trim a coming storm
She stepped into an easy lope.

From: Bagg, Robert, Madonna of the Cello, 1961, Wesleyan University Press: Middletown, Connecticut, p. 60.

Date: 1956

By: Robert Bagg (1935- )