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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Shanty on a Lot Vacated by a Bank by Marne L. Kilates

As if overnight the universe decided
The mighty high-rise must return to dust.
At least it was a boardroom verdict dictated:
“In real estate we could no longer trust.”

And so it came to pass, Ortigas was
Minus one tower, and in its place a hole
In the sky: “Ghost of the house of Midas—
Money’s end leaves a hole in our soul.”

But life goes on and more real was the pit
Left by the foundations: at its edge had sprung
Up the shack of the last worker who won’t quit
After the demolition. And so there it hung

By the lip of the swamp: ramshackle entity
Rising, reigning: Shanty Shanty Shanty


Date: 2003

By: Marne L. Kilates (1952- )