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Friday, 5 December 2014

Shoplifting Poetry by Martin Steingesser

We’re in the bookstore stealing poems,
lifting the best lines–
You cop one from Williams,
I stick my hand into Pound.
No one’s looking…
I throw you a line fromĀ The Cantos
It disappears in your ear like spaghetti.
We stuff ourselves with Crane,
cummings, Lowell, Voznesensky–
Neruda, Rilke, Yeats!
The goods dissolve in our brain.
Now we move from the shelves with caution.
The cashier’s watching. Can she tell?
Fat! We’ve overeaten.
You giggle. End-rhymes leak at your lips like bubbles.
I clap a hand on your mouth.
You are holding my ears
as we fall out the door.


Date: 1977

By: Martin Steingesser (?1937- )