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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Excerpt from “Genesis” by Simon Wastell

At first Jehovah with his word, did make heaven, earth and light:
The firmament, the moon, and stars, the glittering sun so bright.

By him, the earth was fruitful made and every creature good:
He maketh man like to himself, and doth appoint his food.

Creation ended, God then rests, and Sabbath day ordains:
Plants Eden, and the fruit forbids for fear of endless pains.

Dust of the ground, was man made of; of rib out of his side
The woman. Adam nameth all: wedlock is sanctified.

From: Wastell, Simon, Microbiblion or The Bibles Epitome: In verse. Digested according to the Alphabet, that the scriptures we reade may more happily be remembered, and things forgotten more easily recalled, 1629, Robert Mylbourne: London, p. 7.

Date: 1629

By: Simon Wastell (c1562-1632)