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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Thoughts Whilst Thinkin’ of a Thanksgivin’ Day Turkey by Nixon Waterman

O Eagle! emblem of my country, thou,
Who art the boss of every other bird,
My muse, to find the highfalutin word
With which to name thee, dost not know just how.
Yet ’tis not thee who hast, I must allow,
My patriotic breast the deepest stirred,
And they who planned our country’s banner erred
In makin’ thee the sign to which we bow.

For whilst, O Eagle, thou dost dare to climb
The highest mountain peak and greet the sun,
It is the turkey that dost nearest rhyme
With all the lofty thrills that through us run;
He beats thee to a standstill every time,
For, stuffed and roasted—say! he takes the bun!

From: Waterman, Nixon, Sonnets of a Budding Bard, 1907, Forbes & Company: Chicago, p. 27.

Date: 1907

By: Nixon Waterman (1859-1944)