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Thursday, 20 November 2014

On Reading The Warning by Mrs. Singer by Jane Colman Turrell

Surprised I view, wrote by a female pen,
Such a grave warning to the sons of men.
Bold was the attempt and worthy of your lays,
To strike at vice, and sinking virtue raise.
Each noble line a pleasing terror gives,
A secret force in every sentence lives.
Inspired by virtue you could safely stand
The fair reprover of a guilty land.
You vie with the famed prophetess of old,
Burn with her fire, in the same cause grow bold.
Dauntless you undertake th’ unequal strife,
And raise dead virtue by your verse to life.
A woman’s pen strikes the cursed serpent’s head
And lays the monster gasping, if not dead.

From: Trent, William P. and Wells, Benjamin W. (eds.), Colonial Prose and Poetry. The Growth of the National Spirit 1710-1775, 1901, Thomas Y. Crowell & Co.: New York, p. 93.

Date: 17??

By: Jane Colman Turrell (1703-1735)