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Thursday, 6 November 2014

Sonnet III. Written at Midnight, on Helm-Crag by John Wilson

Go up among the mountains, when the storm
Of midnight howls, but go in that wild mood,
When the soul loves tumultuous solitude,
And through the haunted air, each giant form
Of swinging pine, black rock, or ghostly cloud,
That veils some fearful cataract tumbling loud,
Seems to thy breathless heart with life embued.
‘Mid those gaunt, shapeless things thou art alone!
The mind exists, thinks, trembles through the ear,
The memory of the human world is gone,
And time and space seem living only here.
Oh! worship thou the visions then made known,
While sable glooms round Nature’s temple roll,
And her dread anthem peals into thy soul.

From: Wilson, John, The Isle of Palms, and Other Poems, 1812, John Ballantyne and Company: Edinburgh, p. 390.

Date: 1812

By: John Wilson (1785-1854)