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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Prologue to “Hell’s Broke Loose” by Samuel Rowlands

To take the Sword away from Gods Anoynted:
And for examples to the worlds last day,
Our Traytours names shall never weare away:
The fearefull Path’s that hee and I have trod,
Have bin accursed in the sight of God.
Heere in this Register, who ere doth looke,
(Which may be rightly call’d The bloody Booke)
Shall see how base and rude those Villains bee,
That do attempt like LEYDEN; plot like mee.
And how the Diu’ll in whose name they begon,
Payes them Hells wages, when their worke is don:
“Treason is bloodie; blood thereon attends:
“Traytors are bloodie, and have bloodie ends.

From: Rowlands, Samuel, Hell’s Broke Loose, 1605, W.W.: London, p. 10.

Date: 1605

By: Samuel Rowlands (c1573-1630)