To Time by Charles Strong

Time, I rejoice, amid the ruin wide
That peoples thy dark empire, to behold
Shores against which thy waves in vain have rolled,
Where man’s proud works still frown above thy tide.

The deep-based pyramids still turn aside
Thy wasteful currents, vigorously old
Lucania’s temples their array unfold,
Pillar and portico, in simple pride.

Nor less my joy, when, sheltered from thy storms
In earth’s fond breast, hid treasure bursts the sod,
Elaborate stone in sculpture’s matchless forms.

Oft did I mock thee, spoiler, as I trod
The glowing courts where still the goddess warms,
And stern in beauty stands the quivered god.

From: Strong, The Rev. Charles, “To Time” in The Asiatic Journal and Monthly Register for British and Foreign India, China and Australia, Volume 24, 1827, p. 568.

Date: 1826

By: Charles Strong (1785-1864)

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