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Monday, 15 September 2014

Goldilockt God that Doest on Parnasse Dwell by Henry Nevill

Goldilockt God that doest on Parnasse dwell,
O thou that sweetly playest on a fiddle
To sisters Nine, that Aganippes Well
Do much frequent, there bathing to the middle;
Lend me thy notes, that I may sweeter sing
Of Tom of Odcombe then doth Odcombe ring.

Oh that some errant Knight could now be seene,
That he might dubbe thee; crying, Up Sir Thomas:
Their dangers and adventures lesse have beene
That erst did wander to the land of promise.
Thou mak’st Sir Bevis and sir Guy a fable,
With all the daring knights of the round table.

Unto thy shoes, thy shirt, thy fustian case,
That hang at Odcombe, trophees of thy travailes,
Joyne this fayre book of thine, which makes thee passe
Great Merlin Cockay in recounting marveiles.
Whilst pendant scutchins others tombes adorne,
O’re thine these faire atchivements shall be borne.

From: Coryat, Thomas, Coryat’s Crudities; hastily gobbled up in five Moneths travels in France, Savoy, Italy, Rhetia commonly called the Grisons country, Helvetia alias Switzerland, some parts of high Germany and the Netherlands; Newly digested in the hungry aire of Odcombe in the County of Somerset, and now dispersed to the nourishment of the travelling Members of this Kingdome, Volume I, 1905, James MacLehose and Sons: Glasgow, p. 26.

Date: 1611

By: Henry Nevill (c1580-1641)