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Saturday, 6 September 2014

The Woman in the Moon by Alexander Bathgate

A Maori Legend

High in the dull blue heaven the round-faced moon,
Paling the twinkling stars, looks calmly down
On Rona hast’ning from the slumb’ring town
Towards the lake, —her path nigh bright as noon—
To fetch fresh water, which her mother craves,
She bears a vessel: now she stays a space,
To view the mirrored moon’s reflected face;
But as she stoops she falls into the waves,
Misled by the deceptive moon’s pale ray:
She rising curses his illusive light.
Then from the heaven swoops down the god of night,
And seizing Rona, bears her quick away.
Though parted from her friends she’s still in sight.
For in the moon she will be seen always.

From: Bathgate, Alexander, Far South Fancies, 1890, Griffith Farran Okeden & Welsh: London, p. 65.

Date: 1890

By: Alexander Bathgate (1845-1930)