Where the Luck Fell by Osip Yuriy Fedkovich

You, my brother, stayed at home,
Threshing out the beans –
I hied me to Germany,
Seeking where my Luck might be,
League on league to roam.

Under Bukowina’s sky,
Even there I went,
Passed the flinty Tyrol’s bar,
Wandered till I reached a star –
Wandering still am I!

Ah, my brother, you did well –
Threshing all the while.
Luck that would not come to me,
Luck I went so far to see,
In your beans it fell!

From: Livesay, Florence Randal (translator), Songs of Ukraina, with Ruthenian Poems, 1916, J. M. Dent and Sons: London, pp. 160-161.

Date: 1862 (Ukrainian); 1916 (English)

By: Osip Yuriy Fedkovich (1834-1888)

Translated by: Florence Randal Livesay (1874-1953)

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