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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Renunciation by Oscar Fay Adams

Nay, friend, farewell! for if I loved you less,
It might be I should strive to hold you fast
In bonds of friendship you had long o’erpast,
And play the tyrant where I hoped to bless.
Yet, since my love still pleads, I fain would press
Once more your hand e’en while I seem to cast
It coldly from me with these words at last,–
I may not keep and you may not possess!

Sweet friend, believe me, it is better so,–
To part while love finds yet no cause for grief
In slowly-waning faith, lest haply you
Should one day find some flaw in me you knew
Not of, and I through tears should watch you go,
Knowing your soul in mine had lost belief.


Date: 1890

By: Oscar Fay Adams (1855-1919)