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Friday, 15 August 2014

Reception for a Friend on his Arrival in Panama by Eunice Odio

I follow him
and anticipate his voice
because like mist
in uninhabited places
I have a watercolor vocation.

Tell me
how are the market goods there:

swallow-shaped bells.

Apart from this,

And without looking at him
I ask

about geological mangos
bordering him with pulp

and about a new river

with cities of sound
and the Archangel’s longitude.

Tell me as well about the small coast
where recently the day,
like a heavenly two-headed animal,
camped in two aquariums
and filled with fish.

Tell me if the trees welcomed you unanimously
like the time they elected the year’s first lark
and the day of flowering.

Summarize it all now that I tremble
so gently
behind a swallow,

now that they offer me publically
for a butterfly nude

and I am like the roses
unsettling the air.


Date: 1952 (original); 2003 (translated)

By: Eunice Odio (1919-1974)

Translated by: Keith Ekiss (19??- ) and Sonia P. Ticas (19??- )