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Thursday, 14 August 2014

The Three Witches by Archibald Young Campbell

There are three witches in the wood:
One wanders in a ghoulish habit,
One is a tree that oozes blood,
And one’s a rabbit.

Sudden and gloomy is the ghoul:
I nod to her, she can’t alarm me–
A gruesome, ceremonious fool–
She’ll never harm me.

I often read beneath the tree;
I think she knows that all her groaning
And dripping wounds are lost on me:
I mock her moaning.

One thing can make my belly thump,
One fascination terrifies me:
Suddenly, from a ferny clump,
The rabbit eyes me.

From: Campbell, Archibald Young, Poems, 1912, W. Heffer & Sons Ltd: Cambridge, pp. 12-13.

Date: 1912

By: Archibald Young Campbell (1885-1958)