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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Stanzas Written on the Failure of the Application of Representation in Parliament by Thomas Day

When faithless senates venally betray,
When each degenerate noble is a slave,
When Britain falls an unresisting prey,
What part befits the generous and the brave?

In vain the task to rouse my country’s ire,
And imp once more the stork’s dejected wings;
To solitude indignant I retire,
And leave the world to parasites and kings.

Not like the deer, when, wearied in the race,
Each leaf astonishes, each breeze appals;
But like the lion, when he turns the chase
Back on his hunters—and the valiant falls.

Then let untamed oppression rage aloof
And rule o’er men who ask not to be freed;
To Liberty I vow this humble roof,
And he that violates its shade–shall bleed.

From: Blackman, John, A Memoir of the Life and Writings of Thomas Day, Author of “Sandford and Merton”, 1862, John Bedford Leno: London, pp. 98-99.

Date: 1780

By: Thomas Day (1748-1789)