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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Exprimetur by Patrick Cary

Who without horrour, can that house behold
(Though ne’re soe fayre) which is with tombe stones made;
Whose walls, fraught with inscriptions writt of old,
Say still, Here underneath some-body’s layde.
Though such translated church-yards shine with gold,
Yett they the builder’s sacriledge up-brayde;
And the wrong’d ghosts, there haunting uncontroul’d,
Follow each one his monumentall shade.

But they that by the poore-man’s downefall rise,
Haue sadder epitaphes caru’d on their chests:
As, Here the widow, Here the orphan lyes.
Who sees their wealth, their avarice detests;
Whilst th’ iniur’d for revenge urge heauen with cryes;
And, through itt’s gvilt, th’ oppressour’s mind ne’er rests.

From: Carey, Patrick, Trivial Poems and Triolets, Written in Obedience to Mrs Tomkin’s Commands. 20th Aug. 1651, 1820, John Murray, London, p. 60.

Date: 1651

By: Patrick Cary (c1623-1657)