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Sunday, 3 August 2014

Sonnet by Thomas Adney

Ah, doubly good is he, of all mankind,
Whose gen’rous hand imparts the kind relief;
Who aids the friendless with a willing mind,
And soothes the poor neglected child of grief!

Whose breast, the fount of Charity, o’er-flows,
And yearns to succcour innocence distrest,
Who kindly mitigates the widow’s woes–
Ah! good is he, and worthy to be blest!

But curst his lot, who never knew to feel
One pitying pang for wretchedness forlorn,
Whose flinty bosom, far more hard than steel,
Exults in other’s woes, and laughs to scorn
The naked wand’rer, by misfortune driv’n
On the wide world,– and whose relief’s in Heav’n!

From: The European Magazine and London Review containing the Literature, History, Politics, Arts, Manners and Amusements of the Age, Volume 26 from July to December 1794, p. 437.

Date: 1794

By: Thomas Adney (17??-18??)