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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The Mistake by Richard Jago

On Captain Bluff. 1750.

Says a Gosling almost frighten’d out of her wits,
‘Help, mother, or else I shall go into fits.
I have had such a fright, I shall never recover,
O! that Hawk that you’ve told us of over and over.
See there, where he sits, with his terrible face,
And his coat how it glitters all over with lace.
With his sharp hooked nose, and his sword at his heel,
How my heart it goes pit-a-pat; pray, mother, feel.’

Says the Goose, very gravely, ‘Pray don’t talk so wild;
Those looks are as harmless as mine are, my child.
And, as for his sword there, so bright and so nice,
I’ll be sworn ‘twill hurt nothing besides frogs and mice.
Nay, prithee, don’t hang so about me, let loose,
I tell thee he dares not say – bo to a Goose.
In short there is not a more innocent fowl,
Why, instead of a Hawk, look ye, child, ‘tis an Owl.’

From: The British Poets including Translations in One Hundred Volumes. Volume LV – The Poems of. Gray and Jago, 1822, C. Whittingham: Chiswick, p. 240.

Date: 1750

By: Richard Jago (1715-1781)