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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

The Prayer of Running Water by Eleanor Jane (Nora) Hopper Chesson

(A Japanese Legend)

Hear the Prayer of Running Water,
Kindly son or loving daughter!

I who lie in this small space
Never saw my baby’s face:

I who lie here all unshriven
May not enter hell or heaven.

Near my grave there runs a spring.
Ivies near it clasp and cling,

Cling and clasp above the water,
As I fain would clasp my daughter.

Near the spring my mourners left
Little cloth of finest weft,

Little cup of crystal fine
Never yet brimmed up with wine.

Fill the cup with water sweet,
On the linen sprinkle it:

When the linen wears in two,
All my pains are struggled through,

When these tokens twain be cloven,
Crystal cup and linen woven,

I who lost, shall find my daughter —
Hear the Prayer of Running Water.

From: Chesson, Nora, Aquamarines, 1902, Grant Richards: London, pp. 94-95.

Date: 1902

By: Eleanor Jane (Nora) Hopper Chesson (1871-1906)