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Friday, 11 July 2014

A Mouse, Whose Martial Valour Has So Long by Samuel Butler

A Mouse, whose martial valour has so long
Ago been try’d, and by old Homer sung,
And purchas’d him more everlasting glory
Than all his Grecian and his Trojan story,
Though he appears unequal match’d, I grant,
In bulk and stature by the Elephant,
Yet frequently has been observed in battle
To have reduc’d the proud and haughty cattle,
When, having boldly enter’d the redoubt,
And storm’d the dreadful outwork of his snout,
The little vermin, like an errant knight,
Has slain the huge gigantic beast in fight.

From: Butler, Samuel, The Poetical Works of Samuel Butler. Volume II, 1835, Willliam Pickering: London,p. 155.

Date: 1676

By: Samuel Butler (1612-1680)