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Thursday, 3 July 2014

Sonnet, Occasioned by Hearing a Young Lady Sing Spenser’s Amoretti, etc. by William Dodd

Ah, gentle Edmund, when thy ditties sweet,
Belinda, music’s Philomela, sings,
Raptur’d, I own the harmony complete,
Sweet poesy, sweet fair, sweet voice, sweet strings.

Ah poet worthy, of such minstrelsy;
Soft minstrelsy such poet meriting;
‘Midst chill neglect, I wot, and penury,
Thou, Edmund, woud’st have joy’d to hear her sing,

For, well I ween, that melody can bring
Composure soft and tranquil, to the mind;
Since I (tho’ in nought else thee equalling)
Yet who, like thee, cold praise, and barren find,
Can all my ills forget these strains to hear,
Oh then, dear harmonist, indulge a prayer,
Sing on; and lull to sleep that triple Cerberus, Care!


Date: 1760

By: William Dodd (1729-1777)