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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Nelson Street by James Sullivan Starkey (Seumas O’Sullivan)

To P.J.H.

There is hardly a mouthful of air
In the room where the breakfast is set,
For the blind is still down though it’s late,
And the curtains are redolent yet
Of tobacco smoke, stale from last night.
There’s the little bronze teapot, and there
The eggs on the blue willow-plate,
And the sleepy canary, a hen,
Starts faintly her chirruping tweet
And I know, could she speak, she would say,
“Hullo there what’s wrong with the light?
Draw the blind up, let’s look at the day.”
I see that it’s Monday again,
For the man with the organ is there;
Every Monday he comes to the street
(Lest I, or the bird there, should miss
Our count of monotonous days)
With his reed-organ, wheezy and sweet,
And stands by the window and plays
“There’s a Land that is Fairer than This.”

From: O’Sullivan, Seumas, Poems, 1912, Maunsel and Company: Dublin, p. 20.

Date: 1912

By: James Sullivan Starkey (Seumas O’Sullivan) (1879-1958)