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Monday, 23 June 2014

Periodicity by Lesbia Venner Keogh Harford

My friend declares
Being woman and virgin she
Takes small account of periodicity

And she is right.
Her days are calmly spent
For her sex-function is irrelevant.

But I whose life
Is monthly broke in twain
Must seek some sort of meaning in my pain.

Women, I say,
Are beautiful in change,
Remote, immortal, like the moon they range.

Or call my pain
A skirmish in the whole
Tremendous conflict between body and soul.

Meaning must lie,
Some beauty surely dwell
In the fierce depths and uttermost pits of hell.

Yet still I seek,
Month after month in vain,
Meaning and beauty in recurrent pain.

From: Harford, Lesbia, The Poems of Lesbia Harford, 1999, University of Sydney Library: Sydney, p. 74.

Date: 1917

By: Lesbia Venner Keogh Harford (1891-1927)