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Sunday, 22 June 2014

The Genius of Death by George Croly

What is Death? ‘Tis to be free!
No more to love, or hope, or fear —
To join the great equality:
All alike are humbled there!
The mighty grave
Wraps lord and slave;
Nor pride nor poverty dares come
Within that refuge-house, the tomb!

Spirit with the drooping wing,
And the ever-weeping eye,
Thou of all earth’s kings art king!
Empires at thy footstool lie!
Beneath thee strew’d
Their multitude
Sink, like waves upon the shore;
Storms shall never rouse them more!

What’s the grandeur of the earth
To the grandeur round thy throne!
Riches, glory, beauty, birth,
To thy kingdom all have gone.
Before thee stand
The wond’rous band;
Bards, heroes, sages, side by side,
Who darken’d nations when they died!

Earth has hosts; but thou canst show
Many a million for her one;
Through thy gates the mortal flow
Has for countless years roll’d on:
Back from the tomb
No step has come;
There fix’d, till the last thunder’s sound
Shall bid thy prisoners be unbound!

From: Croly, George, The Poetic Works of the Rev. George Croly, A.M. H.R.S.L., in Two Volumes, Volume I, 1830, Henry Colburn and Richard Bentley: London, pp. 256-258.

Date: 1822

By: George Croly (1780-1860)