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Monday, 19 May 2014

Ode to Blue-Eyed Ann by Tobias George Smollett

When the rough north forgets to howl,
And ocean’s billows cease to roll;
When Lybian sands are bound in frost,
And cold to Nova-Zembla’s lost;
When heavenly bodies cease to move,
My blue-eyed Ann I’ll cease to love!

No more shall flowers the meads adorn,
Nor sweetness deck the rosy thorn,
Nor swelling buds proclaim the spring,
Nor parching heats the dog-star bring,
Nor laughing lilies paint the grove,
When blue-eyed Ann I cease to love.

No more shall joy in hope be found,
Nor pleasures dance their frolic round,
Nor love’s light god inhabit earth,
Nor beauty give the passion birth,
Nor heat to summer sunshine cleave,
When blue-eyed Nanny I deceive.

When rolling seasons cease to change,
Inconstancy forgets to range;
When lavish May no more shall bloom,
Nor gardens yield a rich perfume;
When Nature from her sphere shall start,
I’ll tear my Nanny from my heart.


Date: 1746

By: Tobias George Smollett (1721-1771)