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Friday, 16 May 2014

On the Death of the Princess Dowager of Wales, 1772 by William Julius Mickle

Aspersed by malice and unmanly rage,
Disgraceful stamp on this flagitious age,
In conscious innocence secured from blame;
She sigh’d – but only sigh’d o’er Britain’s shame:
She saw her children throng their early tomb,
Disease slow wasting fade her Glo’ster’s bloom!
She saw – but Death appear’d a friendly guest,
His arrow pointing to the realms of rest!
Calmly she views him, dauntless and resign’d,
Yet drops one tear for those she leaves behind.
Warm from the heart these honest numbers flow
Which honour, truth, and gratitude bestow.

From: The Poems of Mickle and Smollett. The British Poets. Including Translations. In One Hundred Volumes. LXVI. Mickle. Smollett., 1822, C. Whittingham: Chiswick, p. 59.

Date: 1772

By: William Julius Mickle (1734-1788)