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Friday, 9 May 2014

Tristram and Iseult by Maurice Baring

We have been loosened from the bonds of time
And space in vain divides us.  Near or far,
Absent, you shine before me like a star;
The hours when you are with me cease to chime.

Sadness we know but not satiety;
We heed to march of seasons short or long,
O’erwhelmed and deafened by the tides of song,
Which roll increasing from eternity.

For us the glory of the day is done;
An sunset melts in along silvery dream
Of darkness luminous with peace and dew;

We float, like ghosts upon death’s endless stream,
In bliss; for only one soft unison
Breathes in the empty vastness:  I and you.

From: Baring, Maurice, The Collected Poems of Maurice Baring, 1911, John Lane, The Bodley Head: London, p. 20.

Date: 1906

By: Maurice Baring (1874-1945)