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Sunday, 4 May 2014

When We Were Parted by Aurelian Townshend

When we were parted,
Though but for a while,
From my brest started
A post ev’ry mile:

But I feare, none were directed
From your bosome to me;
For a beauty so affected
Looks for Love custome free.

Tis then no marveill
My state should decay,
Brought to be servile
And kept from my pay.

But ingratefull to the giver,
Know the Sea as your King
Can as well exhaust a river,
As you suck up a spring.

And though triumphing
You rowle to the Main,
Small streames are something
And part of your train.

Use me gently then that follow,
Made by custome so tame,
I am silent whilest you swallow
Both my tears, and my name.

From: Townshend, Aurelian and Chambers, E.K. (ed), Aurelian Townshend’s Poems and Masks, 1912, Clarendon Press: London, p. 12.

Date: c1635

By: Aurelian Townshend (c1583-c1649)