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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Working Man, I Have Faith in You by Joe Gorrie

Working man, I have faith in you,
Tho’ you’re such a damned fool in my eyes,
I know, full well, how they’ve wasted you,
And clotted your brain with their lies.
I’ve heard the sleek parsons preach to you,
I’ve studied the dope of the press,
And tho’ they have made such a mess of you,
I have faith in you, nevertheless.
For working man, there is none but you
Can think in the vital way,
Can look at life from the level of you,
And fight for equality.
There’s that which I find in the soil of you,
That brings the seed to flower,
And, working man, I’ll have faith in you
In this world’s most piteous hour.


Date: 19?

By: Joe Gorrie (1894-1968)