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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Fear of Shadow Puppets by Rigoberto Gonzalez

Charcoaled homunculus that only his five-fingered mothers can tame
by closing the socket to conceal his famine’s glare. Still he hungers

for texture and seeks out the meat of depth, the elusive third
dimension denied him the moment he crawled into life, bastard

child of flesh and light. No wonder he’s cruel, finding kinship
with the knuckle of rock, mimicking mono-stings vulgar as black flower

wasps. But even as he triumphs on walls he will bow to his mentors—
your hands. The day you smothered the baby rabbit, frightened face

expelled from the skull’s asylum, your mother knew you had been pledged
to cold humanity. The sock-limp creature dropped to the tile and screeched.

No, that wasn’t the dead rabbit that was you in your range of explosion:
shock, confusion, fear, and grief. What crude consolation: a changeling,

antennae-eared with a twitching transparent snout. Truth is apparent: you
won’t sit on that couch again without its ghost-weight on your brutal knee.


Date: 2008

By: Rigoberto Gonzalez (1970- )